Obri Spa Pedicure, Facial, and a one hour Swedish Massage relaxes your body and soul putting you in a state of pure bliss

Four Hours - $190

A European Facial, basicm manicure, and basic pedicure rejuvenates muscles and skin leaving you feeling a whole new person

Three Hours - $125

An economical way to transform yourself in just a few hours. You get a basic pedicure, basic manicure, and an eyebrow shaping transforming your image from shabby to chic

Two Hours Thirty Minutes - $80

Includes a hand soak in treatment, nail filing, shaping, and cuticle removal ending with a massage and polish

Thirty minutes - $27
French add $5

Pefect for dry irritated skin. Includes a treatment soak and exfoliation followed by a deep massage and ending with a hydrating mask that leaves your hands feeling luxurious

Thirty Minutes - $25

This lavish indulgence includes the hand soak, nail filing, nail shaping, cuticle removal, and polish application of the Basic Manicure and the exfoliation, deep massage and hydrating mask of the Rejuvenating Hand Therapy treatment

Sixty Minutes - $46

Just the basics to get you on your way. Includes a soak, nail buffing, shaping, cuticle grooming and polish application

Twenty Minutes - $20

All the basics you need to make your feet smooth and beautiful. The Basic Pedicure includes a soak treatment, cuticle grooming, exfoliation of dead skin and calluses, ending with a massage and polish application.

Sixty Minutes - $45

The perfect fix for dry sore irritated feet. The therapy includes a treatment soak and exfoliation followed by a deep massage and ending with a hydrating mask that leaves your feet feeling luxurious.

Thirty Minutes - $25

This lavish indulgence combines the soak, cuticle grooming and exfoliation of the Basic Pedicure with the deep massage and hydrating mask of the Rejuvenating Feet Therapy leaving your feet groomed, smooth, and beautiful

Ninety minutes - $65

Just the basics to get you on your way. The treatment includes a soak, nail and cuticle grooming and ending with a polish application

Thirty-Five minutes - $35

The Aromatherapy massage is designed to utilize essential oils, and other aromatic compounds to create a more relaxing atmosphere for your soothing massage

Sixty Minutes - $65
Thirty Minutes - $40

Great for relieving stress through out the body. This massage is designed to improve blood circulation, relax tense muscles and improve tissue mobility

Sixty Minutes - $60

The collagen Restorative Facial utalizes a 100% collagen based mask that creates dramatic results and leaves you looking youthful and radiant

Ninety Minutes - $90

Includes cleaning, exfoliation, steaming, extraction, high frequency and a mask application.

Seventy-Five Minutes - $65

Includes Enzyme Peel, followed by a cleaning, steaming, extraction, facial, massage and a mask application

Ninety Minutes - $80

The European Facial includes a consultation, cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, facial massage and a mask application leaving you feel refreshed and new

Seventy Five Minutes - $65

Just the basics to get you looking great and on your way. The Express Facial includes a consultation followed by a cleansing, exfoliation, and a mask application

Fourty Five Minutes - $46

A combination of pure green tea extract with healing mineral salt is combined in a detoxifying massage which thoroughly exfoliates and rejuvenates your skin

Thirty Minutes - $45

Rich in minerals and anti-oxidants, this exfoliation thoroughly cleanses,removes dead skin cells, and stimulates circulation. Following exfoliation we nourish the skin with moisturizing lotion leaves,leaving your skin irresistibly radiant

Thirty Minutes - $45

The Marine Algae Body Wrap is great to replenish minerals, detoxify your skin, activate circulation, increase metabolism, and relieve minor skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema all on top of creating an intense feeling of well being

Sixty Minutes - $75

Threading is a traditional eastern practice that simply uses a piece of thread that swiftly yet meticulously remove unwanted hair from sensitive areas. Threading leaves the skin clean and smooth and is much less invasive then other hair removal methods

Upper Lip $10
Sides $10
Chin $11
Eyebrows $16
Whole Face $36
Whole face includes brow shaping

Cleanse your body from unsightly and unwanted body hair with our gentle and clean warm wax specifically designed for use with delicate skin

Underarm $15
Forearm $18
Full Arm $30
Lower Leg $27
Bikini $24
French $30
Brazilian $40
Upper Leg and Bikini $35
Upper Leg and French $40
Upper Leg and Brazilian $65
Full Leg $40
Full Leg and Bikini $50
Full Leg and French $56
Full Leg and Brazilian $65
Back $30
Chest $25
Stomach $10

Getting your make-up professionally applied for your wedding, graduation, or any other big day in your life can intensify the effect of having your eyebrow and lashes shaped and tinted leaving you looking beautiful for your big day

Lash with Brow Tinting and Eyebrow shaping $47
Lash with Brow Tinting $34
Eyelash Tint $20
Eyebrow Tint $27
Make-up Application $45
Ear Candling $40